By Padre M.

He realized at once he was not hearing the Voice through the ordinary channel of the ears of his body. In fact, he felt that he had no body. What there was of him, the him that he knew as Self, was in front of him, was a part of the great light now-was even the Great Light itself! It was his Soul talking to him. This was his Soul, extended from the Universal Soul in space.......

"In thy Light shall we see Light! To Being, there can never be a beginning, for Nothing can not give birth to Something. At the threshold of unfoldment God said, Let there be Light. The light of the Life of men. I am the Light of God who sent me; of the Greater Light I am a part. Within me there shineth the Light of Divinity. The Soul of man is the Light. Ye are all Children of the Light. Thy Kingdom is the Kingdom of Light. Into darkness cometh the Light but the darkness comprehendeth it not. When the Light goeth it returneth unto Light and leaveth darkness unto itself. Light is Life, Truth, Freedom. Darkness is Error, Ignorance, Bondage.

"This is my world, the limitless world of God. Of God's Light am I. Beyond are my kin, all Children of the Light, all of the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Love. At the threshold God said: Let there be Light and there was Light, and the Light was divided into mansions of the Heavens, and there were Twelve into which the Children of Light were received that they might be prepared to serve in their time as Souls for the races of man on Earth. And one by one, each was ordained by the Mind of God made of the dust of the Earth. And when the hour came and it was good that a Soul should bring the Light on Earth, God breathed into the nostrils of man and each man became a living Soul on Earth. And there was a time and a place for each Light to shine, and a day and an hour for each Light to dispel the darkness and give Life, radiant and abundant. The Law is immutable, the ordination infallible in its manifestation.

"And when the Light could no longer shine through the erring bodies the Light was absorbed into the halo of the Heavens and there communed with its kin in the mansions prepared for them. For man on Earth is ever erring, decreeing unto himself the power of free-doing in violation of the Voice within which speaks Truth; for it is of the Light which is Truth.

"And man destroys the body that God has made for his Cosmic mission and weakens its structure and defiles the dust of which it is made and it can no longer contain the spirit which animates it. And it succumbs, it falls like the walls of a Temple rotted with the worms of filth and decay from neglect. And it crumbles into dust again. For the Light leaveth and darkness reigns within. Light is Life and darkness is Ignorance.

"The Light that returneth seeth all that is and that will be. Of the Mind of God, its Father, it is attuned with all minds. It heareth the secret prayers and cries of the Lights of men, it knoweth the hopes and desires of the souls of Earth, it seeth the despairs and the dangers, the temptations, and the pitfalls of those whose Lights are denied the power to speak, the right to guide. Unto the Lights in the mansions beyond is given the power to help, the freedom to act, the inspiration to direct. They cast the beams of their Lights into the shadows of the hearts of man and speak with him and strengthen the Light that is held powerless within. This is their work, the work of the Children of Light waiting the hour to come into man with the breath of life.

"And when the hour comes that the Light within the Mother on Earth shines forth and an infant body is prepared for the coming of a Soul, the decrees of God send forth that Light which is ready for the time and the place, the work and the service that shall be the mission of the Light of some mansion.

"And into the body of the babe goes forth that Light to be a Light among men. It takes with it unto the brain of the babe the personality and the mind, the soul and the memory of its former periods of life on Earth; and there shines forth through the body of the child and the man the Light that is within.

"But man hearkens unto the words of the unwise, the thoughts of the tempters, the schemes of the men whose hearts are steeled against the radiations of their Lights within, in preference to the mortal earthly realities of their own physical senses; and some men are, therefore, in one incarnation, lost. But to him, who hearkens unto the Voice of the Light within and finds pleasure in Communion with the Universal Soul within, there, and unto him, comes God and Truth and the Consciousness of Eternal Life.

"But I must hasten on. I have come unto thee to speak as we would speak unto all men who seek Light, that the mind and the brain may be illumined. My time has come to leave the Kingdom of Light and stand near the little woman, an Angel on Earth, who, within a few hours, shall journey through the Valley of Fulfillment, praying unselfishly for the Light to come to the infant body she has nourished into creation.

"It is so decreed that that infant body she has nourished shall be mine, for it will come into places and meet with those who will need my Light; and it will pass from association to association, city to city, village to village, peoples to peoples, wherein and whereby shall be many experiences needful to my evolving Soul-personality, and needing the knowledge that I have attained in past lives through many states and races on Earth.

"In the Home of that child will I wait. I will give ease to the new Mother consistent with the Laws in operation. I will stand guard over the Threshold of the Channel of Life and be prepared. And, when I enter with The Word and the Breath of Life, I will look out of the windows of the Soul, the pure eyes of the babe, and I will see your Mother, your father, your Home! Come, Consciousness and Understanding, you must accompany me and pass with me into the being now ready for Life's Supreme Miracle! Through space we shall pass, followed by the loving beams of radiating Light which unite us with the Greater Light, and tomorrow will be thy Birthday on Earth." (CRO MAAT.)


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