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Cults, Trent Lott & the GOP's Golden Opportunity

By Charles Michael Byrd
C. Byrd
(Photo by Lynn Goldsmith)

As per newly reelected Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, the Republican party is, for all practical purposes, a cult. During her December 12 appearance on CNN's "Crossfire" program, Landrieu offered:

LandrieuAnd I'll also tell you what we also did is say parties, while we are proud to belong to them, are not cults. Parties are not cults, and they've gotten almost to be that way. The Republican party, with all due respect, the national Republican party, if you don't support me every time, every day well you're not an American, you're not patriotic, and you're not a Republican.
Landrieu also boasted how she received 98 percent of the "black" vote in her recent runoff contest with GOP rival Suzanne Terrell, yet this was an occasion dedicated to trashing Trent Lott and all Republicans. Against that backdrop, neither Paul Begala or Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to examine the cult that is the "black" religio-political intelligentsia and its viselike grip on the collective consciousness of "black" Americans.

LottFor the record, I'm of the opinion that the good people of the state of Mississippi should decide whether Trent Lott leaves the U.S. Senate. That said, it was altogether proper that Lott removed himself from Majority Leader consideration. One is hard-pressed to construe his comments alluding to how much better off America would be if segregationist Strom Thurmond had ascended to the White House in 1948 as anything but racist.

Contrariwise, hypocritical "black" cult leaders -- predominantly ministers, of a sort, that have transformed victimization and corporate shakedowns into art forms supposedly sanctioned by the Christian Lord -- are all too silent about such things as:

  • West Virginia Democratic Senator and former Majority Leader Robert Byrd's March 2001 reference to "white niggers" on Fox News Sunday (See: "Sen. Robert Byrd, ex-Klansman"),
  • Democrat Byrd's accepting a cameo movie role as a Confederate officer (See: "Byrd's big screen debut"), and
  • Bomani Jones' November 2002 article about golf great Tiger Woods, entitled "A Coon is a Coon."
With respect to the self-identified Cablinasian, it doesn't matter that Jones used a taboo racial slur on the same degraded level of consciousness as nigger, jungle bunny or jigaboo. The writer can get away with it because of two decades-old cult axioms:

  • "Blacks" cannot be racist, and
  • When such words leave the mouth of a "black," we are to consider them terms of endearment.
Had a "white" written the same thing about Tiger, we would have witnessed tempestuous accusations of RACISM! such that would seem to jar the globe's very foundation.

Within the cult of blackness, though, it's perfectly kosher to denigrate Tiger in such a manner since he is of mixed heritage yet refuses to acquiesce to cult dictates to identify solely as "black" and to crusade for the cult's political causes. Why, it's as if he's downright unpatriotic.

The prime determinant for Mary Landrieu receiving 98 percent of the "black" vote is that there is virtually no competition of political or philosophical views within the cult of blackness. Jackson, Sharpton, Bond, Mfume, et al. have masterfully portrayed all Republicans as possessing Lottesque tendencies and personalities, conveniently ignoring their fellow Democrats with similar track records and worldviews. Therein lies the golden opportunity for the GOP -- if its leaders are intelligent enough to seize it.

Powell&Rice"Black" leaders count on forever exploiting the fear and ignorance of those who perceive "whites" in general and Republicans specifically as representing evil incarnate. If the truth be told, the leadership itself is fearful that the presence of two highly visible, intellectual, sophisticated and influential Republicans in particular -- Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice -- will entice individual "blacks" (the vast majority of whom are part-"white" themselves) to consider alternatives to a left-of-center collectivist weltanschauung.

In essence, this is more about partisan racial politics and the probable diminution of accrued political power than about being shocked and appalled at one man's moronic utterance or the Neo-Confederate movement.

By affirmatively and robustly repudiating remaining vestiges of "white"-supremacist, segregationist sentiment within its ranks, the party of Lincoln can not only expand its base but can greatly aid in emancipating "blacks" from the Democratic party's cultic plantation.

Ancient Vedic scriptures (the world's oldest) tell us that individual spirit souls are just that -- individuals. We always have been, are now and will forever retain our individuality -- throughout eternity (See: Bhagavad-gita -- Chapter 2, Verse 12). Many of us have already attained a level of realization in this regard. To those souls -- regardless of body color or party affiliation -- still languishing on the platform of mundane racial identity politics, avail yourselves of any opportunity for spiritual growth and progress. Fear not! It's never too late to escape a cult.



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