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Don't Expect Any "Outrage" Over Davy's Death

By Charles Michael Byrd
C. Byrd
(Photo by Lynn Goldsmith)

One thought kept racing through my mind as I read the June 27th New York Daily News account of the horrific death of young Janice Davy. The idea I couldn't purge from my consciousness was that, after a day or two, no one would remember how she died. For that matter, few outside her immediate family would care. It's almost a given that none of the contemporary "civil rights leaders" will ever call for "days of outrage" or peaceful demonstrations along the New Jersey highway on which she died.

JDavyYou see, 20-year-old Janice Davy was "black" and so was the lowlife thug, Jermaine Linder, who carjacked her Volkswagen Jetta in Bergen County, New Jersey around 5 a.m. on Sunday, June 24. On the way home from her night job as an exotic dancer in Manhattan, Davy pulled onto the shoulder of Interstate 80 near Saddle Brook, likely due to car trouble. Linder, whom authorities say was walking along the road at the time, took Davy's car and sped away, leaving the young Jamaican native, who worked as a stripper to pay her college tuition, stranded by the side of the busy roadway.

According to police, Davy was struck by one car, then repeatedly run over by others. The Daily News quoted Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Sharon Peiffer as saying: "The first car that hit her probably decimated her. People coming by afterward may not have even known they were running over parts of her body." After apprehending Linder, authorities charged him with felony murder -- because the carjacking led to Davy's death -- burglary and auto theft.

Back to the "civil rights leaders." We know that Al Sharpton is in jail for trespassing on Vieques (though he has proved adept at procuring a fair amount of media attention while serving a 90-day sentence at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn), but what about Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, Kweisi Mfume and all the other self-appointed "leaders" who so eagerly alert the country to "white" acts of violence visited upon the bodies of innocent "blacks" or other "people of color"? Will we hear from them regarding this tragedy?

Right after the incident this past April in which Cincinnati police shot an unarmed black man, NAACP President Mfume said on Good Morning America: "I think we're at ground zero here with respect to race relations. If race issues are not solved here, they won't be solved anywhere."

Eric Abercrumbie of the University of Cincinnati chimed in: "We are tired of a police department that in reality has a lot of bad people, and it's up to the people of the city to deal with that."

That sounds reasonable, but what about bad people like Jermaine Linder? Shouldn't we be tired of them as well? Of course we should, but "black" politicos are hypersensitive about "black-on-black" crime. They would rather not deal with or attempt to solve that. Instead, they pretend it doesn't exist, opting to further the canard that all of "white" law enforcement across America is involved in a massive conspiracy to deny "black" folk their civil rights -- if not to actually murder them on the spot.

Jackson, Bond, Sharpton, Mfume and the usual cast of characters exploit any incident in order to further the stark "black"/"white" dichotomy that serves as their political base, a sociopolitical bipartition that they incessantly posit as insuperable to a generally pliant media as well as to those within the "black" community gullible enough to buy it.

Janice Davy wasn't the victim of a racist "white" New Jersey State Trooper who "racially profiled" her and then murdered her in cold blood because of his hatred for the "black" race. Rather, a demoniac individual that would have, in all probability, cried "RACISM!" to the top of his lungs if a trooper had stopped him and asked him why he was walking along I-80 at that time of the morning caused her death.

Indeed, if troopers had stopped Linder, and he subsequently filed a "racial profiling" complaint against them, we would have heard about it on all the "black" radio stations; perchance, Johnnie Cochran, the vaunted attorney the "black" media refers to as "Race Man," would have agreed to take Linder's case pro bono.

NewsThat's all highly speculative, though, since Linder is in jail, held in lieu of $1 million bond. What we do know is that Janice Davy is dead, her dreams of six-figure success in the corporate boardroom viciously dashed. There will be no "days of outrage" or cries of "no justice, no peace!" for her. Not only that, but the political nature of the insanity that is America's "race"-consciousness suggests that some folk probably wish the Daily News never put her picture on its front page.


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